Amanda du Pont

Amanda du-Pont to launch shoe collection

Actress and fashionista Amanda du-Pont is about to get into the fashion industry, as she is about to launch her own designer shoe collection. Amanda is super excited about her new fashion project, as she will be doing a collabo with Footwork South Africa. “Footwork is a shoe brand that can be found in all major […]

Dermalogica Skin Moisturisers

Dermalogica Moisturisers

Dermalogica Skin Moisturisers Our skin, is the first thing that a person sees when they meet you, and it is for this reason that every one of us wants to have a beautiful flawless skin. It is also for this reason that people spend a lot of money every year on skin products, with the […]

Real Bearded men

Real Bearded Men

Every Real Bearded Man has that one really awesome Beard Shirt. Well this is it. Our first official Real Bearded Men custom T shirt is made with premium quality cotton. The design is completely customized and was made to be bigger than most beards. This shirt is both stylish and comfortable. The shirt was designed […]